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What is a union?

A union is an organization of workers who have come together to create common goals. Therefore some of our goals are improving safety standards, attaining benefits from health care, better wages, retirement, and better working conditions. You will also get on-the-job training and the proper tools to do the job.

Why are Unions Important?

Unions are critical to trades; for instance, they bring standards to education, skill sets, wages, training, and excellent working conditions. Additionally, Unions bring a level of support unparalleled to contractors worldwide and create greater workplace democracy hence why Trade Unions are crucial in today’s working class.

Why Join a Labor Union?

Labor Unions allow workers more favorable working conditions and other benefits through collective bargaining. Furthermore, Union members typically earn better wages and benefits than workers who are not associated with the union. When referring to Labor Unions, you can always count on them to look out for your best interest.

What are the benefits of hiring a union company?

The benefits of hiring a Union company are limitless. Union workers typically have the expertise, training, and safety-related practices. Also, when hiring a Union based company, you can ensure to get over-the-top quality services every time.

Why work for a Union?

Working for a union allows for outstanding benefits and low turnover positions. In other words, you can always expect to have the best training, tools, and wages while working for a union.

Is it hard to get into a Union?

Union jobs are in high demand due to the benefits of the union. In addition, it is very attainable to start a career path in a union position. Even out of college, trade unions allow for apprenticeships which come with pay. Furthermore, once the journeymen have completed the training, they are typically offered a full union-wage position, so you can be assured that Union positions are still available!

Can you do more than one trade in a Union?

Typically unions are involved in only one trade. Still, there are no laws or regulations stating that a worker or contractor can’t be a part of multiple trade unions at the same time. So when deciding to join a Union, know that you have options!


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